We are launching our No Border Policy, a Luko initiative to engage our company for more Diversity, more Inclusion in the Tech Ecosystem, and free movement of Talents.

Why we have decided to commit?

We are building a big player in a highly competitive environment, where talents worth more than gold.

While our #1 condition of success is having the right skills at a good moment, Europe — and more wisely World — is an incredible pool of talents.

At the same time, talents also tend to expect more flexibility in their working conditions; We more and more hear about…

I often like to say that when I met Raphael & Benoit, what convinced me to join their project above all, was their vision of the organization they wanted to build.

They were both truly convinced that remote was not the “future of work”, but something we have to embrace as evidence.

Moreover, they were really willing to build this decentralized organization, that would operate as the most rigorous and smart platform possible, to create the largest space of flexibility and ownership possible for individuals. …

Luko has 7 Principles that regulate the way we act and work within and out of the company. They have been built collectively with the input of the team.

So much happened in 2020 ! After this crazy year for the world, the tech ecosystem, and Luko, we took some time to think about who we are and what we want to convey as a culture of work and relationships between the team members. …

2020 was a crazy year in many ways for the tech ecosystem, and Luko was no exception.

We started the year as a small startup of +30 people, with a really flat and non-hierarchical organization. During this year, we step by step switched to a decentralized and a more structured team, with 40% of the people working remotely on a daily basis. We’ve decided to define clear leadership roles, hire our executive committee, triple the size of the team with great talents, assuming a bold policy of working remotely.

This really enriching journey has led us to an incredible team…

On ne le répétera jamais assez : structurer sa people policy est clé dans le cadre de la création d’une startup. Que ce soit dans la phase de recrutement des tout premiers employés, mais également en phase d’accélération en série A et B, accompagner ses équipes sur le plan RH est déterminant et conditionnera fortement le succès de votre business.

J’ai donc tenté de modéliser les étapes structurantes d’une startup sur le plan RH, en phase d’amorçage puis d’accélération. Evidemment, toutes les organisations sont différentes, que ce soit en terme de business model, de cible, de profils et de background…

Je ne crois plus à la ‘rétention des talents’ en startup, et je vous explique pourquoi ;)

Parce que c’est illusoire d’espérer un retour sur l’énergie investie

1,7 ans : c’est l’ancienneté moyenne au sein des 10 majors tech de la silicon valley.

De quoi donner des frissons aux fondateurs de startups françaises qui peinent également de plus en plus à fidéliser leurs équipes durablement.

Dynamisation de l’emploi grâce à des levées toujours plus conséquentes, plein emploi des cadres dans l’écosystème startup et fin des parcours de carrière linéaires sont autant de causes qui poussent les employés de startups à changer d’entreprise régulièrement. …

and what really matter to A-players ?

Many startups are trying to find the best way to recruit and retain A-players. They are asking for the secret sauce — or at least some tips — to improve employee engagement. A-players, otherwise known as top talent, are the folks who are the leaders or future leaders of your business, those who have mastered the technical and economic issues relating to this new economy, and the ones who are the best performers in their jobs. They are gold in the startup ecosystem.

So, how do you attract them and keep them motivated…

You want to know how the magic happen when it comes to hiring ? Here are 3 rules you should follow to create the best recruitment process ever.

So you want to hire the best talent possible? Of course you do.

To achieve this, you need to recruit with maximum efficiency. But, this isn’t possible if you don’t work on your recruitment process to make it the best it can be. So let’s make this happen! Here are the 3 steps to develop a killer and efficient recruitment possible.

1/ Know what you need.

The first step to develop…

The offices of Merci Handy, one of the startups of our portfolio

In my years of experience working in HR for large corporates and then startups, I have had the opportunity to work alongside many brilliant executives and founders confronting the difficulty of creating and sustaining company culture. Some businesses seem to know the recipe for the secret cultural sauce, while others make a mess in the kitchen. In all cases, the culture they create will permeate through all their business decisions.

With the holiday season fast approaching and reflection on the year giving way to planning for 2019, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on working culture and offer…


HR enthusiast. VP of People @Luko

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